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We are not the traditional agency.  We start from the talent’s personality instead of their look. With marketing and advertising changing due to the consumer prioritising and caring more about what a company stands for and their ethics, the modern consumer cannot be swayed by a fancy advert alone. Every company’s image now needs to be portrayed from the inside out and we understand that. That is why we understand that finding the right talent for the job is imperative. 


Purpose runs through the veins of our organisation. Our founder was named #1 Female Founder of Colour to Watch in Europe 2020 by Business Insider due to her pursuit of social change. She has also won ‘Inspiring Youth’ award at the Social Enterprise Awards and been featured in Forbes for changing the lives of young people. 



We work with a roster of multi-talented artists, influencers and models. Therefore we can help photographers, art directors, casting directors and industry professionals find the right talent for the job.

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